Publié le 14 septembre 2018 | Mis à jour le 1 octobre 2018


Laboratory of Excellence ASLAN - Advanced studies on language complexity

The laboratoire d’excellence program (LabEx, laboratory of excellence) was created in 2010 by the French government within the “Investment in the Future” initiative to support top research projects associating academic teams with strong scientific records.

ASLAN (Advanced studies on language complexity) was a laureate of the first call for proposals in 2011 and was awarded a total of 9,000,000 € for a 9-year term (2011-2019). The project gradually began in late 2011 and rapidly built up to its projected range of research and training activities as well as projects specifically aimed at impacting the public and society.

ASLAN stemmed from the association between DDL (Dynamique Du Langage) and ICAR (Interactions, Corpus, Apprentissages, Représentations) research laboratories. ASLAN’s initial ambition was to raise the profile and visibility of their research activities both in terms of basic research and in terms of social, educational, cultural, medical, and economic impact.

This document includes factual information that can help the ASLAN community, its scientific peers, and the stakeholders to assess whether we have met their expectations. This Scientific Report thus aims at offering an overview of the most salient research activities and achievements of the 2011-2017 period. It provides a (non-comprehensive) summary of the large scope of topics addressed by the scientific community of ASLAN and how they are organized. 

ASLAN Coordinator (2011-2017)
Kristine LUND
ASLAN Coordinator (since March 2017)