ASLAN has been deeply implicated in areal studies since its inception.

A very strong focus is in Latin America, especially in the domain of fieldwork undertaken with the goal to describe aspects of poorly documented and often highly endangered languages. Thus, ASLAN has funded fieldwork on the Cariban language Ye’kwana (Venezuela), on the language isolates Tikuna and Kamsá, the Tukanoan language Tanimuka, and the Arawakan language Yukuna, all spoken in Colombia, the Takanan language Araona spoken in Bolivia and the Barbacoan language Awa’pit of Ecuador, as well as the Chibchan language Rama spoken in Nicaragua.

The field trips to the Kamsá and the Araona were pilot projects that have led to two applications for Independent Postdoctoral Fellowships (submitted to ELDP in January 2018 by Noellie Bon and Adam Tallman, respectively). While Noellie Bon’s application was unfortunately declined, Adam Tallman’s project was accepted for a starting date in January 2019.

Further description projects situated in Latin America, though not necessarily entailing fieldwork funded by ASLAN, are the PhD project of Noé Gasparini on the description of Siriono, a Tupi-Guarani language of Bolivia and the transfer of an annotated corpus of texts in the Arawakan language Mojeño Trinitario spoken in Bolivia from Toolbox to Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx). Finally, the project “Corpus YouTalk!” collected data on discussions among students in France, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.