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Publié le 11 juillet 2018 | Mis à jour le 26 avril 2023


Les INTERactions et leur VALorisation pour une Linguistique appliquée à l'Enseignement

Mots-clés : didactique, interaction, CLAPI. Reponsables : Carole Etienne, Emilie Jouin-Chardon. ASLAN Financial Support : 11 527 €

This project aims at building didactical resources from research studies in interaction made in InSitu/LIS research team to help teachers learning the organisation and the specificities of oral French Language. It takes benefit of our network of educational researchers and teachers to select the relevant studies, validate propositions on the content and design of the resources and test them in classrooms. The delivery is new resources added to the excerpts of CLAPI-FLE website and several publications.