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What is a LabEx ?

A Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) is one of the instruments of the investment program for the future launched by the government in 2010. Through two calls for projects in 2010 and 2011, the National Research Agency has supported the grouping of research teams working on the same given theme, and above all "to give laboratories with international visibility significant resources enabling them to compete on an equal footing with their foreign counterparts, to attract internationally renowned researchers and teacher-researchers and to build an integrated policy of high-level research, training and development". 171 laboratories of excellence have thus been financed, for a total funding of €2 billion.

The ambition announced for these laboratories of excellence is :

- to increase scientific excellence and originality, the transfer of the knowledge produced and, by the same token, the international attractiveness of French research, while involving other national laboratories in this dynamic;

- to guarantee pedagogical excellence and to play a driving role in training at master and doctorate level;

- to be in line with the strategy of its supervisory institution(s) and to strengthen the dynamics of the sites concerned.

The labEx ASLAN is the winner of the call for projects launched in 2010. It is now one of the 12 LabEx carried by the University of Lyon for the period 2011-2019. Through its structuring role and the momentum it has set in motion, LabEx ASLAN is fully committed to the IDEX Lyon 2016 initiative.


As a biological and social phenomenon, language offers a multitude of facets. In order to understand this richness, LabEx ASLAN proposes an integrative and interdisciplinary scientific approach.

For this, the project relies on the expertise of the DDL (Dynamique du Langage), ICAR (Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representations), and LIRIS (Laboratoire d'InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d'information) laboratories, whose association offers a scientific spectrum unique in France.

ASLAN aims at consolidating existing activities and catalysing innovative work, in particular through the emergence of new cooperations. ASLAN also has the ambition to reinforce the societal impact of this research, which echoes issues related to university and professional training and major societal stakes in the fields of culture, education, health, technology or on the socio-economic level.

By considering language as a complex dynamic system, ASLAN proposes to shed light on all facets of language acquisition and use, as well as on the diversity and history of languages. This approach addresses all components of language (from phonemes to gestures, from grammar to interaction) as well as the biological, cognitive and social factors (from contexts of interaction to the linguistic diversity observed in the world) influencing them

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