The valorization cycle involves private partners of the research teams to present their vision of collaboration with public research organizations.

Past Program :
- Valorization cycle 1: Ramzi Abbes, President of Techlimed. Thursday January 17, 2013 at the ENS of Lyon.
- Valorization cycle 2: Vincent Tauzia, President of CogniK. Monday, May 6, 2013 at the MSH of Lyon-Saint-Étienne.
- Valorization cycle 3: Christine Develotte (President) and Caroline Vincent (Treasurer), from the association ARCI (Application des Recherches sur la Communication et les Interactions). Tuesday 3 December 2013 at the ENS of Lyon.
- Valorization cycle 4: Marc Rebet, Head of the Interpreting and Translation Department of ISM Corum. Thursday 22nd May 2014 at the ENS de Lyon.
- Valorization cycle 5: Anna Stevanato, Founder and President of DULALA. Wednesday 26th November 2014.
- Valorization cycle 6: Fabien Comtet, associate director of Kestio. Wednesday 8th April 2015.
- Valorization cycle 7: Agnès Giboreau, research director at the Paul Bocuse Institute. Wednesday, May 10, 2015.
- Valorization cycle 8: ARADIC, publishing company. Tuesday 15 September 2015.
- Valorization cycle 9: Speak Plus, publishing company. Thursday 19 November 2015.