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Publié le 11 juillet 2018 | Mis à jour le 5 novembre 2021

Projet StimuLan

Stimulations langagières en crèche

Mots-clés : acquisition du langage, interaction verbale. Responsable : Sophie Kern. ASLAN Financial Support : 33 215 € + 12 800 €

StimuLan is devoted to the study of child directed speech in French nurseries and has three main objectives: 1. to describe the representations of the nursery staff on language acquisition (development stages, support strategies, bilingualism) based on semi-structured interviews, 2. to measure the conformity of their representations with their effective practices by describing nursery staff/child interactions in three contexts (diaper change, lunch and book reading) and finally 3. to measure the effect of a training program for nursery staff whose objective is to promote verbal interaction.